It was a truly collaborative effort to create this book.  We each bring something valuable to the work from our different backgrounds, and we hope you enjoy the results!


the author: mike ang

Mike is a part-time author and perennial life explorer.  His curiosity and creative energy has led to a diversified career in management, music, and international commerce.  Love, Daddy is his first children's book, and his greatest hope is that it genuinely touches those reading it and resonates with the parent/child in all of us.  Originally from the Philippines and raised in San Francisco, Mike now lives in the New York area with his wife, daughter, and two Abyssinian kitties. 

Writing this story is a true achievement for me and an incredibly personal gift to my amazing daughter, Cali. It carries a universal message of love that I hope she (and other children, big or small) will relate to and grow to cherish for many years to come.
— Mike
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THE illustrator: katherine killeffer

Katherine is an art director and illustrator based in NYC. She has worked in the varied worlds of advertising, stationery and fashion, but she most enjoys drawing wild and crazy characters in her sketchbook. Love, Daddy is Katherine's first children's book illustration project, and she can't wait to draw another! See more of Katherine's work on her portfolio site, or follow her on instagram!

  • Favorite books as a child? Angelina Ballerina, Miss Rumphius, Oh, The Places You'll Go, and everything by Eric Carle - basically anything with an awesome lady or beautiful drawings!
  • Fave Love, Daddy scene? The fabulous panda wedding!
  • Best thing about panda bears? They're super cuddly and roly poly, I like that they have big bellies and lots of fur!
Illustrating ‘Love, Daddy’ has been such a joy filled experience - not only are Mike and Brian so much fun to work with, but what could be better than drawing panda bears and painting things pink all day?
— Katherine

THE creative director: brian sisco

Brian is a creative director type with his heart in print and digital design as well as weaving, painting and skiing. As soon as he could hold a pencil, Brian was drawing house designs and fantasy landscapes which he learned in later years to be called monumental land art, Gardening and designing environments makes him smile. His love of children’s books from earlier times where publisher’s limited colors and designer/illustrators had to be clever to deliver mind-bending antics on the page…even great for parents doing most of the reading!

  • Favorite book as a child? Grimms Fairytales
  • Fave Love, Daddy scene? Graduation Day
  • Best thing about Pandas? the black and white shapes keep on shifting…so simple and strong…
Knowing Mike is like knowing fun. He is a great dad but also a great singer…with moves. We joke and act like animals sometimes, just trying to be carefree and silly. I hope I can keep up with him and am so pleased that Katherine is able to interpret and build on his heartfelt story. She is both creative and organized—rare, like a panda, black and white like a panda, so it makes sense that she can embody such love in a bunch of lines and watercolor puddles dancing across paper. Our collective hope is that this love is not only apparent, but jumps off the page and into the hearts of anyone who dares open the pages!
— Brian