Love, Daddy is also available to purchase at the following independent bookstores. We are extremely grateful for their support! Keep checking back as we add to the list, or email us if you think a bookstore near you might be interested in carrying our children's book!


Watchung Booksellers

54 Fairfield Street, Watchung Plaza 

Montclair, New Jersey 07042



Our Kickstarter campaign raised $15,570, surpassing our original goal of $15,000 in one month! To our 165 lovely and supportive backers, we could not have done it without YOU, thank you!

Thank you to our Kickstarter backers, we couldn't have done it without you!

Victoria Abeling

Adam Alter

Carlos, Mina & John Ang

Christian Ang and Family

Clifford Ang and Family

Edward and Emily Ang

Gabriel, Angelie, Genevieve, Randy 

   & Leanne Ang

Hannah, Mischa & Hunter Ang

Justine Ang

John Ang

Kelly and Calyxta Ang

Lance Alexander Go Ang

Lawrence Anthony Go Ang

Leroy and Marlin Go Ang

Melissa Ang

Nicholas Ang and Family

Quintin Ang

Testimony, Melanie, JP, Sam and Mandy, 

   & K’dee Ang

Lois Arbogast

Quinn Arevalo

Suzy and Michael Aubrey

William and Jeanne Ban

Jim and Minette Baxter & Sean and Kevin Go

Michael Bacon

Kim Bealle

Stephanie Berda

Marty Berman 

Nicole Berube

Jody Bishop-Pullan

Raena Calubaquib

Andrew and Valerie Cary

Steven Castaneda

Julia Chang

Philip Chang

Peter Christensen

Francine Christian

Joseph and Carol Chu 

Irene Chua

Abraham and Nelly Co

Grant Cohen

Brian Crosby

Jak and David Cruthers

Ramon and Jean Cua

Suzanne Dakin

Bertie and Fe De la Cruz & Family

Josephine Dentzer

Morgan DesPrez

Bryan Diger

Cathy Dinas

Ariana Dziedzic

Inez Dziedzic

Hope Effross

James and Aimee Evangelista & Children

Maureen Falvey

Christine Fittschen & Family

Betty, Darin, Moorea & Jasper 


Kris Francefort

Yifan Fu

Craig Gardner

Mark and Sandra Gardner

Julia Geynisman

Andrew and Alex Go

Edgardo, Rikki, Sabrina & Gerard Go

Fernando and Lim Siok Kim Go

Greg Gomez

Brian Graham

Erich Graham

Nadine and Justin Graham

Marilyn and Ron Graham

Suzy Hale

Naomi and Eric Herman

Cindy Hogan

Kimberly Hogan

Danielle Holmes

Brandon Housley

Eliot and Philip Jacobs

Elma Johnson

Elizabeth Jones

Maria Sophia Samantha B. Joson and Andrea

   Beatrice Lux B. Joson

Vlada Kaganovskaya

Marc Kalin

Courtney and Al Killeffer

Cathy and Lou Killeffer

Jared Koch

Eilish Lally

Boris Laloum

Xavier and Khadija Laurens & Family

Danielle Lawler

Tasha Turner Lennhoff

Vanessa Liles

Antonio and Gina Lim

Christian Lim

Janille Lim

Wilbert, Joni, Mark, Lauren & Isabel Lim

Geoffrey and Pamela Lim & Family

Wilson and Stella Lim & Family

Jason and Mary Lobo

Craig Luis

Marcia Rand Martin

Steve Matthews

Marion Mauran

Katherine Maxwell

Meredith McCall

Matthew McGregor-Mento

Arianna Megaro

Radha Mehta

Tim Mertes

Constance Metzler

Lauren Milewski

Nasiruddin and Sumnble Mohammed & Family

Francisco Montero

Natasha Nader

Rexie Nadra

Paul Nair

Nera Nevarez

Parker and Tanya Ngo & Family

Megan Nickerson

Cherrie Nola

Katie O'Leary

Kayla Parent

Janine Perry

Diane Peters

Sebastian Peters

The Peterson Family

Kate Pickett

Chad Quillopo

Nathalie Rabasca

Jessica Raleigh

Tim Rauwald

Morgan Reitz

Maria Rheaume

Betsy Ritchie

Catherine Ritchie

Janeen Ritson

Christine Roche

Lauren Rodriguez

Fr. John A Ryan

Ashley Sakai and Adam Berenson

Adam Samara

Anne Sanger

Jowell and Genevieve See

Peter Shevenell

Justin Shin

Melinda and Bill Showalter

Melissa Siegel

Edward Silver

Silverfoiltubes International, Inc.

Benedicto, Adele & Michelle Siy

Vince and Regina Siy

Warren and Brenda So & Family

Anna Startzell

Rena Stein

Robyn Stram

Ken Sullivan

Natalie Sumpaico & Family

Pete Susi

Michael Swaney

Naoko Tamaru

Sharky, Kyra Danielle Tan 

   & Kristen Denise Tan

Liz Go-Tan & Family

CJ Tan-Chan

Leora Tanjuatco

Inna Tasmaly

Mayumi Tatsuta

Natalie Tay

Shaun Teblum and Rob Gold

Josef Utleg

Ivan, Judy, Nicole, Ethan & Zoe Uy

Eric, Cari & Ella Valle

Cris and Linda Valle

Deanna Vergara

Hector and June Villareal & Family

Allie Wagner

Alex Wahl

Joshua Ward

David Warden and Family

Bryanna Williams

Danielle Wilson

Cilicia Wong-Lopez

Craig T Wood

Nancy Yap

Thomas and Lynn Yap & Family

Jacqueline Yates

Mary Yonkman

Gayle Karen Young

Kara Loo and Jennifer Young

Dennis and Charmaine A. Zamora & Family

Karen Zusman

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