Dancing with Little Girls is the Best!

Hello Hello Love, Daddy fans! Did you know that our Kickstarter launches on Wednesday?!?!?! 2 days and counting!  Yup, that's right, you can finally get your panda on and order our book, so exciting and so close!

In honor of this, we wanted to share a special father daughter memory from Mike, our fabulous author! Here are his too cute for words thoughts on dancing with his 2 year old daughter : )

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"Dancing with my daughter is absolutely the BEST. Not only does she totally rock to the beat, she knows exactly what song she wants and when. She already has her "Pop Princess playlist" set on repeat and is hilarious when she asks for certain songs by name. Nowadays, it's "Shake Off," Daddy! "Shake Off!" (Taylor Swift is a definite house favorite) or "Happy! I want Happy!" My wife and I can't help but crack up every time.   She has even started singing now, which cranks the awesomeness meter to a straight up 11 out of 10.  Wanna know who rocks the party that rocks the party??? Look no further than our living room on any given weekend and be sure you bring your A-game, cuz we are seriously bringing it with the Milk Pong and Flip Sippy Cup."

Obviously dancing little ladies are so much fun and the cutest! Here are some of our other favorite tiny dancers from around the web for you enjoy today! 

3 year old Heaven and her mom dance together on The Ellen show!

Twin baby girls start dancing when their dad plays guitar!

And finally, a daddy and daughter dancing to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" !

If you're a daddy, we'd love to hear - what do you and your daughter like to dance to? Have a great day!