Who knew pandas were so fashionable?

In Love, Daddy the book, you can look forward to seeing our little panda bear wearing dresses, shorts, bathing suits, tennis outfits and lots more cute and fun ensembles. We've so enjoyed creating different looks for our panda bear's every occasion!

But who knew pandas were so popular with real people fashion?

We saw this image in the New York Times style section a few weeks ago during New York Fashion Week, and couldn't help but smile... - a fancy red coat covered in pandas!

Image pulled from NYT NYFW 2015 fashion video, image by Bill Cunningham.

Image pulled from NYT NYFW 2015 fashion video, image by Bill Cunningham.

After seeing this we did a quick search for "panda fashion" and low and behold, panda high fashion is quite popular! There was even a runway show by Chinese fashion designer Wang Yutao for Mercedes-Benz China Fashion week in the fall that featured a whole collection of panda patterned outfits for brand BeautyBerry! Wow - panda mania!

Wang Yutao for BeautyBerry, Mercedez-Benz China Fashion Week Fall 2014/15. Images found on gbtimes here - click to see the whole collection!

Obviously the Love, Daddy team needs to be outfitted by Wang Yutao stat. Maybe we should splurge for panda ensembles for our publication party - matching panda sweaters perhaps? ; D

Do you own any panda inspired clothing? If so, we'd love to hear about it!

And we're live!

Hello and welcome to the Love, Daddy blog!

We are thrilled to have our online presence up and running, and so happy you've decided to stop by and check us out : D

We'll be using this blog to post more about the process of publishing Love, Daddy, how to purchase the book, relevant news for our book, and any other interesting tidbits we find around the interwebs regarding children's literature, panda bears and the color pink!

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Here's a little something inspiring us as we sit down to draw today... Adorable, real life Daddy and Baby Pandas to get you through this chilly Monday!

Image for "  Giant Pandas: Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Management " via Pinterest

Image for "Giant Pandas: Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Management" via Pinterest

Panda hugs from us to you! - The Love, Daddy team