Pandas and Babies - What Could Be Cuter?

We all love pandas. They're fluffy and furry and roly poly. They eat bamboo and sleep and cuddle a lot. They're super cute! And of course we all love babies - equally roly poly and cuddly and adorable, babies are the best people to have around.

So in light of our (ready to order, click here!) book about pandas, for you and your babies (both little and not so little) we thought it might be fun to do a mash-up of the cutest panda themed clothes for babies! Because when you combine cute and super cute, the results couldn't be more sweet!

We did a little hunt across the internet, and here were some of our favorite digs and accessories for the little people in your life. Too bad they don't make this panda gear in adult sizes!

Click the images below to be redirected to the correct vendor for each item.

What do you think? Do you or your kids have any panda clothes? Would make a perfect accompaniment to your Love, Daddy book - remember our Kickstarter is live and you can get your own book NOW!

Leave a comment if there's a cute panda outfit you have that we might have missed!

Pandas Love... Beaches!

Inspired by this never-ending winter and the continued wish for weather above 50 degrees, here's a little something from MIke to make all of you smile who live north of the Mason Dixon line...

Want this hilarious panda shirt? You can buy it right  here  on Threadless!

Want this hilarious panda shirt? You can buy it right here on Threadless!

"Here is a pic of one of my favorite shirts that I own that I bought a few years ago from  I bought this before the book was even an idea.  How about that? Talk about a panda premonition!  This one is just in time for the start of the SUNSHINE and spring!!! Time to start working on my panda tan..."

We're all ready to start working on our panda tan - here's hoping for a warm and sunny week!

A Plethora of Panda Sweaters

A few weeks ago when we posted about the world of pandas in high end fashion, we also came across some not so high end fashion involving our favorite black and white animals. While looking around the internet, we realized there was actually quite a plethora of "ugly sweaters" with pandas on them!

You know, the sweaters you wore in the 1980s and 1990s that had too many colors and competing designs, the ones you reserve solely for "ugly sweater" parties now? Well, turns out, back in the 80s and 90s, panda bears were quite popular on those crazy sweaters!

The Love, Daddy team loves our pandas, but we're not sure that even we could rock some of these one of a kind gems out in public. That being said, they would certainly help you stand out from the crowd!

And so we present you, our dear Love, Daddy fans, with our favorite ugly panda sweaters...

Click the images to be redirected to the vendors for this amazing knitwear!

And this was only the tip of the iceberg! Now you know - when in need, there are PLENTY, or should we say a plethora, of vintage panda sweaters to go around.

Our interesting tidbit from the world wide web in regards to pandas for the day, enjoy! 

Any ugly sweater stories out there you'd like to share?

Who knew pandas were so fashionable?

In Love, Daddy the book, you can look forward to seeing our little panda bear wearing dresses, shorts, bathing suits, tennis outfits and lots more cute and fun ensembles. We've so enjoyed creating different looks for our panda bear's every occasion!

But who knew pandas were so popular with real people fashion?

We saw this image in the New York Times style section a few weeks ago during New York Fashion Week, and couldn't help but smile... - a fancy red coat covered in pandas!

Image pulled from NYT NYFW 2015 fashion video, image by Bill Cunningham.

Image pulled from NYT NYFW 2015 fashion video, image by Bill Cunningham.

After seeing this we did a quick search for "panda fashion" and low and behold, panda high fashion is quite popular! There was even a runway show by Chinese fashion designer Wang Yutao for Mercedes-Benz China Fashion week in the fall that featured a whole collection of panda patterned outfits for brand BeautyBerry! Wow - panda mania!

Wang Yutao for BeautyBerry, Mercedez-Benz China Fashion Week Fall 2014/15. Images found on gbtimes here - click to see the whole collection!

Obviously the Love, Daddy team needs to be outfitted by Wang Yutao stat. Maybe we should splurge for panda ensembles for our publication party - matching panda sweaters perhaps? ; D

Do you own any panda inspired clothing? If so, we'd love to hear about it!