We surpassed our kickstarter goal AND MADE THIS BOOK A REALITY!  


Love, Daddy is a heartfelt story about the love of a father for his daughter.  

It follows the growth of a little girl from babyhood to adulthood, revealing that throughout life's many changes and milestones - calm or crazy - her father's love remains constant. 

This book is about the value of family and the almost Newtonian principle that the more love you give, the more you get in return. After all, they say that true love never fades, and there is definite truth to that.  I dedicate this book to all the daddies out there, who know this amazing feeling all too well.

the process

Creating a children's book from scratch is more than just a few words and pictures cobbled together. Click the link below to see behind the scenes for how we brainstormed, sketched and painted to develop the final artwork!

the people

Curious who's behind our book Love, Daddy? Click the link below to get the inside scoop on Mike, Katherine and Brian, their backgrounds and thoughts on working together, and even some of their favorite children's books!

a few sneak peeks...

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